Greek for Foreigners

Greek FL Courses


  • Learn a language through exposure to the real-life situations of the country involved.
  • Learn from native speakers who are experienced and perfectly qualified in foreign language teaching.
  • Learn by using authentic materials as and when they are being produced, thus ensuring that you are experiencing the living language.
  • Achieve fluency and reasonable accuracy in record time.
  • Communicate with local native speakers and come into contact with the real culture and mentality underlying the language/ language use.
  • Combine language learning with cultural visits and sightseeing to make the most of your learning experience.
  • Should your visit coincide with a local festive season, join the school’s social programme to get a taste of tradition.


Code GR 01. Full-year option: September to May in 2 or 3-hour sessions per week. Leading to formal examinations in Greek as a Foreign Language (Elinomatheia Exams).

Code GR 02. Short-course option: 3-4 or 6-month courses beginning throughout the year, usually covering specific needs. These, too, are offered in 2 or 3-hour sessions per week.

Code GR 03. Conversational classes option: Same as the two above but with the emphasis on spoken interaction that is not based on formal instruction (i.e. no grammar, writing, etc).

Intensive Options

Code GR 04. 1-month intensive course: 40 hours, in 2-hour sessions, 5 times/ week.

Code GR 05. 2-week intensive course: 25 hours, in 2.5-hour sessions, 5 times/ week.

Code GR 06. 1-week intensive course: 15 hours, in 3-hour sessions, 5 times/ week.

Price list

GR 01:
2 hours a week
3 hours a week

€80.00/ month
€110.00/ month
GR 02:
2 hours a week
3 hours a week

€90.00/ month
€120.00/ month
GR 03:
2 hours a week
3 hours a week

€70.00/ month
€100.00/ month
GR 04:
2 hours/ day x 5 days/ week OR 40 hs

€320.00 (one payment)
GR 05:
2.5 hours/ day x 5 days/ week = 50 hs

€380.00 (one payment)
GR 06:
3 hours/ day x 5 days/ week = 15 hs

€160.00 (one payment)

Distance Learning Option

Why not take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technologies and learn a language from the convenience of your home? All our Greek FL Courses can be offered as e-learning options, so do not waste time. Ask us how it’s done. We should know, for we have been delivering distance courses since 2005.


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